Gen 2 Ariados (NU) [QC 1/2]

name: Baton Pass
move 1: Psychic
move 2: Agility
move 3: Spider Web / Sludge Bomb / Protect
move 4: Baton Pass
item: Leftovers

Ariados is a very uncommon Pokemon in GSC NU, and it's not hard to see why. It's incredibly slow, rather frail with few good resistances, and rather helpless against the omnipresent Xatu, as well as struggling against other threats such as the Fire-types and Magnemite. It also faces competition as an Agility passer from Farfetch'd and Ledian; Farfetch'd has STAB Normal attacks and Swords Dance, and Ledian is faster, bulkier, lacks a weakness to Psychic, and has access to both Barrier and Light Screen. However, this little spider has a few advantages, being able to hit Poison-types hard with Psychic, and Ariados is notably the only Pokemon in the entire tier capable of Baton Passing a trapping move, a potentially lethal combo that could end games right on the spot. With Spider Web, Ariados can also potentially trap and KO Haze Weezing with Psychic, which can hugely benefit its Baton Passing teammates, while also fulfilling the role of an Agility passer.

Psychic is the attack of choice due to its ability to 3HKO Haze Weezing, one of the biggest issues to Baton Pass teams, as well as threatening other Poison-types like Gloom. Spider Web can trap a passive foe such as Azumarill or Shuckle and can be passed to a Baton Pass receiver like Cubone while also potentially being able to trap Curse Normal-types that threaten Baton Pass teams, but in the fast paced GSC NU metagame it can be hard to find free turns for Ariados to set up, so Sludge Bomb and Protect are options as well, with the former being a good STAB attack to threaten physically frail Pokemon and potentially shoot for a poison infliction, while the latter can help avoid Explosion from Pokemon like Weezing and Pineco. Ideal Baton Pass receivers such as Cubone, Machoke, or Stantler appreciate Ariados, and Screen support from Dragonair or Stantler also helps patch up Ariados's frailty. Finally, sleep from Rapidash or Stantler is another option of support for Ariados.

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I would put Sludge Bomb as a slash with Spider Web, since it can do some pretty decent damage off its base 90 Attack. Possibly Protect as well, since there is a decent chance that Ariados will end up fighting Pineco. I don't see Spider Web as being crucial, but the threat of it is nice to have.

I see Ariados's primary role in NU as an Agility passer that can threaten some unique things like Psychic for Poison-types, Sludge Bomb for physically frail Pokemon, and Spider Web for passive Pokemon. It's really hard to get free turns in the NU metagame in general, and Spider Web requires a slow Pokemon with no useful resistances and pretty mediocre defenses to get at least one free turn, so it's really hard to get it to work in most matchups.
Posting again since the above post has been implemented.

I think before you get into what makes Ariados unique, you could mention that it has competition for its role as Agility passer (Farfetch'd and Ledian) and that it doesn't have Swords Dance + STAB Normal or Barrier + Light Screen like them. This would better convey the point that the strongest asset it has is its access to Agility pass. Then you can get into what makes it unique as an Agility passer (Spider Web, decently strong Psychic, not weak to Weezing's most common coverage attack).

You can drop the sentence "When not used with Baton Pass, Ariados is a very underwhelming Pokemon that’s largely outclassed in all its roles."
It's true, but analyses should be focused on the Pokemon's strengths if it has them when it comes to movesets and things controllable in the teambuilder.

I would mention that you can trap Curse Normal-types with Ariados as well, which is handy since Baton Pass teams generally perform very poorly against them.

You can drop or modify "Ariados should largely only be used on Baton Pass teams, so ". I don't think there is any need to limit Ariados's applications to teams that focus primarily on Baton Pass. Just as you can run a team that only has a Baton Pass Farfetch'd (and no other Baton Pass users), you could theoretically do the same for Ariados. I'm not totally sure what constitutes a Baton Pass team, but I assume it mandates multiple passers..? That said, obviously receivers make for good teammates, so that part should be kept.

QC 1/2 once done
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Sorry this took a long time to respond, but I genuinely found it difficult to add anything.

Following the removal of "Ariados should largely only be used on Baton Pass teams, so" I think I would be better to change "which can hugely benefit its Baton Passing teammates" to "stat boosting teammates" or something similar.

I feel it is also worth mentioning that Ariados' typing allows it mostly safe entry against Poison and Fighting types. Switching in on Gloom/Hitmonlee/Primeape are some of the only ways Ariados can threaten/pass Agility or Spider Web against offensive teams without relying on a double switch or coming in after a KO.

It is a little strange to imply Cubone as a receiver after trapping Azumarill. Ideal receivers are listed later, so the mention can be dropped. On the topic of receivers it would be good to also include Lickitung.
Hypnosis Persian is worth a mention as a supporting teammate since this has sat in QC long enough for Persian to become a threat. :woo:

QC 2/2 when done

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